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Delivery Pictures
Most of our deliveries are done with a truck and trailer, as shown below. Delivery is included within 30 miles.

When a truck and trailer are not accessible to your site, we can bring out our shed master to help get your building in. There is an additional charge for shed master deliveries.
Another option is to use a crane to get the building over a fence or other obstruction. Installation by crane must be set up with an outside company.
We also offer on-site construction of buildings if non of the above options are possible.

Here is an example of us installing a 24X24 2 Story 2 Car Barn Style Garage

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2 Story 2 Car Barn Garage Install
This is our crew installing a 24X24 2 story barn garage at our Hereford location. www.woodnat.com


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Monitor Barn Build
Wood Naturally installing a monitor barn, start to finish

"We do difficult deliveries daily, and the impossible at least once a week"