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Our Services 

Wood Naturally isn't just sheds, garages, swing sets and lawn furniture. We offer many different services from shed relocation to different levels of site preparation. 

Shed Moves  
We can move an existing shed on your property, down the street, or to the next state. Pricing varies depending on the time of the move and the size. We can move anything up to a 14' wide, and 30' long. Call today for your estimate! 

Shed Demolition and Disposal 
Do you have a shed that needs to be torn down and removed? We can help you with that too! Our crew will disassemble and remove your building typically in one day. Estimates available by size. 

Basic Site Preparation
Our basic site preparation is preparing a level bed of gravel for under your new building. We typically will prepare the site the same day that your building will be delivered. 

Excavation Site Preparation
When the site is too out of level for our basic site preparation we can bring our mini excavator to your site and level the ground before the stone is brought in. 
Retaining Wall Site Preparation
We also offer 4X4 and 6X6 retaining wall options. Some customers prefer the look of a stone pad with a border, while others will need a wall to make the site level.